Team MWW


The MWW Team consists Malmö Wargaming Association (Malmö Figurspelsförening, MFF) members who all feel passionate about their hobby. We strive to create the largest, best and most complete miniature gaming event in the region. The MFF community contributes greatly and pulling the event off would be impossible with them backing the team.

Project Manager

Martin Kato

Johan Strand

Head of Terrain

Oskar Sjövall

Head of Venue and Charity mission

Benny Sand

TO Warhammer 40K

Gustav Leiderstedt

TO Warmachine

Johan Ljungström


TO Horus Heresy

Oskar Wikdahl

TO Age of Sigmar

Liara Pamnell

Samuel Jansson

TO Saga

Hamza Dazdarević

TO Infinity

Sebastian Wendt

Pär Lindström