Previous Malmö Wargaming Weekends


MWW4 was held at Malmö Arena Hotel in October 27-28 2019. 180 participants played 40k, 30k, Age of Sigmar, Warmachine and Infinity.

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MWW3 was held at Malmö Arena Hotel in October 27-28 2018. 126 participants played 40k, 30k, Saga, Age of Sigmar and Malifaux.

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Winners Warhammer 40K:

1st. Olof Svensson

2nd. Christof Fiedler

3rd. Jonas Pärrsinen

Painting Award: Phil Lewis

Painting Award runner up: Stefan Brodd

Best Xenos:

Best Chaos: Ross Champion

Best Imperial: Olof Svensson

Winners Horus Heresy:


Winners Age of Sigmar:

1st Mikael Magnusson

2nd Gustav Bay

3rd Adam Sääf


Charity Lottery winner:

Kim Rasmusson



'MWW2 was held at the Scandic Triangeln Hotel in Malmö October 14-15 2017. 86 participants played 40k, 30k, and Malifaux.

Winners Malifaux:

1. Elionor Rönning

2. Johan Hofverberg

3. David Johansson

Warhammer 40K:

Best General: Olof Svensson

Best Overall 1: Olof Svensson

Best Overall 2: Jonathan Edlund

Best Overall 3: Mikael Christensson

Horus Heresy:

Best Sportsman: Kristofer Åberg

Players Choice Loyalist: Hampus Nilsson

Players Choice Traitor: Philip Rosvall

The first major event of Malmö Figurspelsförening (Malmö Wargaming Association) was held at Rönnen Sporthall in August 2017.