Here you can buy tickets etc to our events at Malmö Figurspelsförening (Malmö Wargaming Association). Make sure you register an account in your real name, as your account name will be the name on your registration for the event.

   Här kan du köpa biljetter till evenemang på Malmö Figurspelsförening. Var noga att registrera ett konto i ditt riktiga namn, eftersom ditt kontonamn kommer att vara namnet på din registrering för evenemanget.


Please note that the Store only contains product text and information in English, however the store itself is not translated and thus some buttons and the menu will revert to Swedish when you enter this store. If there is something that is unclear in the Store, or you wish to put an order manually, please email your purchase request to and we will send you a manual order with payment request.

We are working on a solution. //MFF