The MWW TeamEN


The MWW Team consists of members from Malmö Wargaming Association (MFF), who all share a passion to create the largest and best miniature gaming event in the region.

It shall not be forgotten, that many MFF members have contributed in different parts of the process, and without the deep commitment from these members, hosting MWW would still be a dream.


Oskar Sjövall

Oskar works as a teacher and has been in to miniature games for a whole lot of years. He has always had a fondness for building terrain and pushing the hobby forward. That’s why he sat down, in the start of the summer 2015 and built a lot of tables. These tables became the foundation for Malmö Figurspelsförening(MFF), which he started at the end of the same summer. Oskar has since, in the role of President pushed the association tirelessly forward and has always strived for anyone who wants to play miniature games and organize tournaments should be able to do so on amazing game tables and a welcoming community. Oskar is now one of the Head Organizers for Malmö Wargaming Weekend, which is Malmö Figurspelsförenings biggest yearly event.


Martin Kato

Three years ago Martin dusted off his old 3rd edition starter box for 40k in his childhood home. After that he was hooked. The hobby that was supposed to be a small time killer, painting at nights, turned into his biggest passion and he is now a huge plastic addict. He is a board member in Malmö Wargaming Association for the second year in a row, event coordinator in the association, as well as accountant for Scattered Dice Gaming.


Benny Sand

Benny has after a longer pause from miniature games made a comeback a couple of years ago, and he is now on his second year in the Malmö Figurspelsförening board. Benny helps where it’s needed within the association and he has the big responsibility of being the contact person towards all our contacts in the business world. Outside the miniature gaming world, Benny works as an advertiser/project leader within the properties world. During MWW:3 Benny will be in charge of the photographing so if you want to immortalize a moment, make sure you grab hold of him on the floor.

Warhammer 40K

Gustav Leiderstedt

Gustav bought his first Warhammer figures in 1993 and have played almost everything Games Workshop has released. He now plays Adeptus Custodes and Death Korps of Krieg. He has organized eight Slajor of Malmoe and all three Malmö Wargaming Weekend. Gustav has organized the second most ITC tournaments in Sweden, after Westeros Gaming and he has participated in everything from local tournaments to Las Vegas Open

Warhammer 40K

Felix Thuresson

Felix began his miniature board gaming carreer at the age of 14, when he bought his first 40k models. He's never been any good at painting, but the gaming part on the other hand... that hasn't gone very well either. Outside of playing, Felix has held in several successful tournaments, "Ulricehamns Open" before he moved down to Malmö. He's now studying to become a game developer while also being in the board for Malmö Wargaming Association.

Warhammer 30K Horus Heresy

Oskar Wikdahl

Oscar is a future gymnasium teacher who found miniature gaming at 10 years old. His big interest in the lore behind 40K has made it so he got stuck in the Horus Heresy-swamp, where he is loving it with his Machanicum-robots. He has organized Horus Heresy events since the beginning of such events in Sweden and has been pushing his event series “The Avarii Cluster” for several years, in the Malmö region. His tournaments are focused around players experiencing the competitive side in a more concentrated dose than in single matches. That, combined with the love for the lore, makes all Oscars events a thrilling experience while they still get challenged strategically.


Age of Sigmar

Samuel Jansson

Samuel is currently taking his PhD in physics at LTH in Lund, and he is a specialist at shooting African mosquitoes with laser. He’s been playing AoS since the release and he has played all the factions in the Grand Alliance, but the army he loves the most is his savannah themed Destruction army. He often travel to different tournaments all around Sweden and he has organized plenty of small tournaments on Spelens Hus in Malmö. He represented Sweden in the international tournament 6 Nations 2017, and he is the team captain for 6 Nations 2018.



Henrik Jönsson



Björn Nilsson



Hamza Dazdarević

Hamza is an expert on dice rolling in mom’s basement and has had many promiscuous affairs with various games. This licentious behaviour ended by a vision from Oden about SAGA. A new type of fast paced miniature game from the Frankish lands. A game where the Iron Age’s rich history is combined with modern board game mechanics. Together with his loyal Housecarls, he has arranged many SAGA-events in West Scania. These have attracted a growing number of famous Warlords across the Oresund Strait, all hungry for riches and everlasting glory.

Best Army in Show Malmö Wargaming Weekend 3 - Målningstävling

Magnus Eriksson

I have painted figures and built models for as long as I can remember. My father was a persistent modeler and painter of tin figures so you could say that I was raised with the hobby. My whole professional life has been around design, advertising and illustration. On my spare time I have kept busy with the hobby and it’s only natural that it’s turned into my job. For a couple of years I was the founder and co-owner of the store Utopia in Malmö, it’s the dream from there that is Utopiaztudioz today. In 1989 I was the first in Scandinavia that had won a Golden Daemon, and that is something I am very proud of to this day.